How does Kast guarantee my company's content security?

Kast intends to bring the best user experience in social apps to the corporate world.


However, this market has a few demands that social apps don’t quite attend to, and Kast understands that security is a main concern.


Content security is one of Kast’s main concerns and for that reason we’ve included various different levels of security inside the app to obtain complete data security.


All content shared within Kast will be managed by Samba Tech technology, through the Samba Videos platform. Clients like Kroton, Globo and SBT already use this platform with the highest level of security.


How does Kast guarantee complete content security?


Only users with a corporate email address can access the app. Grouping occurs according to the email domain. For example, only those with the email will be able to see the content shared by other users from the organization with the Use Kast email domain.


The apps admin panel, which is available via web, allows for the organization to manage users and content, with the ability to add or delete content or users at any time.


It’s important to highlight that users won’t be able to export content from the app, which is different from other social apps in which content shared within the app can be saved in the user’s smartphone, allowing the user to then freely redistribute that content on the internet, the content producer thus having no control over where and with whom that content is being shared.



  • All communication realized through the app is done via HTTPS, adding a level of security to content traffic;
  • All user video information is encrypted internally;
  • Video and audio are delivered via encrypted streaming (using the HLS protocol with AES-128 encryption);
  • Security can also be enabled by geo-location, in case it’s necessary that some content be available only in determined countries or regions;
  • User authentication is done through tokens with timing expirations, so that it’s possible to precisely control who is accessing information in the app and when;


Kast security measures are continuously being updated, with the intent of integrating the highest quality security technologies in the market to your list of features.

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